The Communication Committee was set up to provide and maintain a website giving general information on forfaiting and the forfaiting market to non members. This committee also provides members with reports on the activity of the different committees and offers members a forum for sharing ideas, information, opinions and concerns.

It helps the regional committees, should need be, in maintaining communication with the press, and collecting and selecting information to be released to the media. It ensures consistent information is made available to members whether it be from the committees or from the ITFA board.

In 2014 the ITFA identified that it needed to expand its range of communications to facilitate two-way information flows one of which is to include a “WordPress” function to the website allowing members the possibility of sharing news, articles and other relevant information. The website will also include major social media platforms where the “Young Trade Finance Professionals Network” will manage this module of the website.


Lorna Pillow of London Forfaiting Company Ltd

Deputy Chairperson and Head of Communication and Membership


Silja Calac of Swiss RE International SE


Sean Edwards of Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation Europe Ltd


Shannon Manders of ITFA


Alexia Vella of ITFA

Head of Secretariat