Fintech Initiatives

The 32 ITFA fintechs have demonstrated their willingness and ability to help incumbent financial institutions address most-pressing industry challenges such as (1) re-defining user experience through a flurry of digital solutions and (2) addressing the trade finance gap with institutional funding.

In 2019, ITFA expanded the scope of its Fintech Committee by establishing technology-centric collaboration initiatives. Goal is to address global market ambitions by combining various fintechs in order to define new market practices. ITFA acts as convenor and forum using its established ability in progressing legal and regulatory matters, community-building and lobbying towards policy makers.

This page introduces both the DNI Initiative, the TFD Initiative and the TERA task force.

In 2020, ITFA established a task force to support regulatory action around the world in order to increase trade digitisation and automation. The task force is entitled the “Technology Experts for Regulatory Action .

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