Americas Webinar – Demystifying Private Credit in Mexico, the roles of SOFOMs in the local markets

ITFA Americas & ASOFOM would like to invite you to their upcoming Webinar titled “Demystifying Private Credit in Mexico, the roles of SOFOMs in the local markets”.

Join us on Thursday 11 July at 9am CDMX / 11am ET / 4pm UK / 5pm CET for a panel debate on discussion on the evolving landscape of private credit in Mexico.

Webinar details
Brendan Herley (Co-Chair of ITFA Americas)
Miguel Angel Burelo (President of Cofine Trade Finance Solutions)

This engaging webinar will be divided into two insightful segments:

1.    Understanding SOFOMs and Mexican Private Credit: Three distinguished Mexican experts will provide an in-depth overview of SOFOMs and the nuances of Mexican private credit, tailored for an international audience (this part will be delivered in English)

•    Emanuel Gonzalez (National President of ASOFOM)
•    Sergio Cordero (President of the Funding and International Relations Committee of ASOFOM)
•   Jorge Avante (General Director of ASOFOM)
•   Enrique Presburger (President of the Advisory Board of ASOFOM)

2.    Introducing ITFA to Mexico: Hernan Mayol and Miguel Angel Burelo will introduce ITFA (International Trade and Forfaiting Association) to the Mexican audience, highlighting its role, benefits, and how it can support local financial activities (this part will be delivered in Spanish).


Please note that this webinar is open to both ITFA members and ITFA non-members.

We look forward to welcoming you during this session. If you have any question please contact
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