Young Professionals project and session at the ITFA Annual Conference in Budapest

The ITFA 2019 Conference will not only be THE trade finance event of the year, but will also see history in the making as conference delegates vote for the winner of the first ever ITFA Young Trade Financier Award.

For this to be a resounding success we need your active participation and engagement. Please join us in the Conference Room on Thursday 5th September  from 12.15pm to 12.45pm as the 3 shortlisted projects make their pitch to grab your vote.

Artificial intelligence to unlock working Capital by Soulaimene Ben Lassoued, ING:
In the context of increasing work capital needs globally as evidenced by rising factoring volumes, Supply Chain Finance (reverse factoring) programs still capture a relatively small portion of buyers’ total spend primarily due to unrealistic supplier on-boarding strategy. My project aim is to use predictive analytics to unlock the full potential of SCF by creating tailor made realistic supplier on-boarding business case benefiting both buyers and suppliers.

A brief guide on credit insurance, Matija Vodoplav, BNP Paribas:
Faced with the time-consuming search for relevant information, we have decided to create A Brief Guide on Credit Insurance, offering both experts and beginners, in simple words, in a single document, a comprehensive analysis and explanation of the major regulatory, legal and practical issues, pertaining to the use of this credit risk mitigant by the banking industry.

A guide to trade, Alero Arubi, Crown Agents Bank, Charlotte Prior, GIB UK, Nigel Atta-Mensah, Crown Agents Bank:
In a world with a $1.5 trillion trade finance gap and an equally vast knowledge gap, our project; A Guide to Trade, explains the Trade Dilemma, associated risks and gives basic understanding of the products that underpin trade finance. As relatively new entrants into the industry, our aim was to educate and engage other participants interested in Trade Finance, with the ultimate aim of contributing towards narrowing the knowledge gap in the industry.

After the presentations, a voting window will open on our electronic voting system where you will be able to cast your vote. The winner(s) will be announced during the Gala Dinner in the evening.

Many thanks in advance for your participation and support of the ITFA Young Professionals programme.

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