Webinar “Trade Digitisation And Regulatory Developments In India” – 05 September 2020

Technology has proven its value in trade finance operations since years however policy makers hold the key to maximise benefits from most recent technology solutions such as cloud computing, digital originals, electronic signature and distributed ledger technology. Two  ITFA Fintech Initiatives aim to promote use of (1) digital negotiable instruments (DNI Initiative) and (2) automated distribution practices (TFD Initiative).
Also, the ITFA Technology Experts for Regulatory Action (TERA) task force was set up in Q2 2020 to provide pragmatic technology-centric guidance to the ITFA member banks, and their policy makers, to assess the need for adapting trade-related policies so their local market benefits more from recent technologies.
Join us on September 5th at 8am30 CEST / 12pm IST for a webinar dedicated to the Indian regulatory developments with regards to trade digitization. Mr. Ashwani Sindhwani, CEO of Fedai will introduce the session and invite legal and technology experts as follows:

Ashwani Sindhwani, CEO, Fedai  

ITFA’s fintech and regulatory initiatives: DNI, TFD, TERA
Sean Edwards, Chair, ITFA; 
André Casterman, Chair Fintech Committee, ITFA;
Achille D’Antoni, Member Fintech Committee, ITFA  

View from State Bank of India
Sh. Venkat Nageswar Chalasani, Deputy Managing Director, International Banking GroupState Bank of India  

Panel – digitisation initiatives in India including enablers in Law and Technology
Sh. Rajay Sinha, General Manager, Intl Banking Group, State Bank of India;
Ms. Nandini Bhattacharyya, Head – Trade Products, ICICI Bank;
Sam Sehgal, CEO, Traydstream  

Way forward and Vote of Thanks
Ashwani Sindhwani, CEO, Fedai
Jayan Menon, Country Head India, Traydstream
ITFA members are invited to register via lanika@itfa.org. In the meantime, check out our recent announcement on the TERA task force.

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