Webinar: Creating new leaders in digital trade – the ITFA Fintech Committee 2024 priorities


Digital innovations in trade have proven their worth thanks to their high degree of specialisation. Now has come the time to focus on scaling adoption through increased collaboration amongst incumbents and new entrants.

On the origination side, the UK Electronic Trade Documents Act (ETDA) that came into force in September has marked a major move forward for the use of digital negotiable instruments (DNIs) around the world. It offers a legal foundation to digitise cross-border trade flows. Are you keen to expand your cross-border flows using the ETD Act with your correspondent banks?

Similarly, trade distribution has recently witnessed a decisive shift as major asset managers now extend non-bank liquidity to originators of any type and size. As an originator, are you keen to benefit from new sources of institutional liquidity and from digital originate-and-distribute practices?

Join us on 23 January 2024 at 11:00 CET / 10:00 GMT to discover how you can also become a leader in digital trade this year by engaging with peers as per our Fintech Committee 2024 priorities. During that session, you will discover ways to benefit from new tradetech market practices across origination and distribution from the following experts:


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