Webinar ”Use of messaging options for exchanging trade documents” – 29 September 2020

How can banks involved in documentary trade financing take advantage of their existing global or domestic financial messaging channels for exchanging trade documents with their counterparties? How can digital originals be exchanged rather than digital copies? How can legacy and new technologies be combined in a hybrid way to deliver a cost efficient and rapid outcome? Does DLT help in this case? How does eUCP help originators face COVID-19 issues?
When exchanging trade documents digitally, secure financial messaging solutions used by banks today offer relevant options. New technologies such as electronic signatures and distributed ledger technology even facilitate the digitization of original documents.
Join us on September 29th at 09:00 EST / 15:00 CEST / 18:30 IST for a webinar dedicated to the use of established financial messaging solutions for transferring trade documents. Speakers will include representatives from Citibank, JPMorgan and Lloyds Bank.
Merlin Dowse, Global Product Manager, Global Trade, JPMorgan is excited about the prospects of the hybrid approach: “A number of major banks have focused on the use of SWIFT FileAct for trade documents, and we believe it is now time to share our findings with the global community.”
Gunnar Collin, Head of Sales and Marketing, Enigio adds: “We share the vision that established secure messaging options such as e-banking, SWIFT, EBICS, … have a key role to play in facilitating the adoption of new technologies such as Enigio’s trace:original which leverages electronic signatures and hybrid blockchain to produce digital originals.”
The session moderated by André Casterman, ITFA Fintech Committee will include the following speakers:Valeria Sica, Managing Director, Global Trade Development Head, CitiJon Boran, Associate Director, Trade Innovation, Lloyds BankMerlin Dowse, Global Product Manager, Global Trade, JPMorganGunnar Collin, Head of Sales and Marketing, Enigio ITFA members are invited to register via lanika@itfa.org.
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