TXF 2021: Global Trade – virtual event, 23/24 June

ITFA is delighted to be partnering with TXF for the upcoming TXF Global Trade Virtual 2021 event, taking place on June 23-24th.

This year’s TXF Global Trade Virtual agenda will focus on resilience in trade finance and digital transformation serving as the key drivers for rapid change. With key market players tuning in, you can expect to meet corporates, financiers, regulators, investors, industry figureheads and many more!

The first two ITFA members to register to the virtual event will benefit from a 50% discount and the rest will receive a 15% discount. This will be available on first comes first serve basis so please send an email to alexiavella@itfa.org to secure your discounted pass.

Don’t miss the opportunity to stay ahead of the curve, be part of the revolution and connect with the changemakers setting the pace of innovation from within.

Please click here to view the agenda online.

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