Trade Outlook 2020 Webinar – Coriolis Technologies and ITFA – 7 February 2020

Trade has become a proxy war for a much bigger battle for control of technology between China, the US, Russia and Europe. 2019 saw near flat trade growth globally. Although this presented opportunities for trade finance, economic and geopolitical uncertainty put downward pressure on business investment, particularly in sectors that were most affected by increased tariffs. Against this fragile backdrop, how will global trade perform in 2020? Will geopolitics and the increased role of trade as a national security weapon make it vulnerable to the building tensions between the US and China? Who will be the winners and losers from the Trade War? Where will the geopolitical hotspots be in 2020 and how can banks deal with the pressures from volatile and tightening sanctions regimes? What are the implications for the UK of doing it alone in the maelstrom of this strategic competition between the super-powers and largest trading blocs in the world?
In the first of four quarterly trade outlooks in 2020, Coriolis Technologies and ITFA have joined together to host a one hour webinar which looks at the outlook for trade in 2020 with a particular focus on the impact of the increasingly strategic role of trade. The webinar will be held on 7 February 2020 and will last an hour with a 30 minute presentation by Dr. Rebecca Harding followed by 30 minutes of Q&A.

We have organised two webinars (both on 7 February 2020) to ensure that all time zones are catered for and each webinar can host up to 100 guests on a first come, first served basis. Bear in mind that a maximum of 3 delegates per member institution may register for each webinar. Please RSVP on by latest Friday 31 January indicating whether you are registering for the morning webinar at 8:30am (GMT) or the afternoon webinar at 2pm (GMT). Once you have registered, you will receive further webinar details.

We do hope that many of our ITFA members will join the webinar!

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