ITFA and BCR: Trade & Investment Forum 2023, London

ITFA and BCR are delighted to announce the release of the programme for their first Trade and Investment Forum (TIF23) which will be held in London on 9th March.

Trade assets provide security and liquidity to funds and, with an expected repricing in 2023, are also attractive from a yield perspective. But they sometimes appear complicated and too dissimilar to traditional instruments such as bonds and other forms of commercial paper.

In May 2022 ITFA released the Practitioners Guide to making Trade an Investible Asset Class, which covers the opportunities and challenges in the US$ 55bn trade finance market and proposes routes to the creation understanding, monetisation and governance of an underestimated asset class.

ITFA and BCR are holding this day-long conference to deep-dive into what is a new market for many investors .

Trade and Investment Forum 2023 (TIF23) with input from existing funds, technology providers, rating agencies and insurers, will help to clear misconceptions and examine what is needed to allow investors to enter this asset class with confidence.

The topic covered include:

For the programme and to register for TIF23 click here.

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