By André Casterman, Chair Fintech Committee, ITFA and Member of ICC UK Legal Reforms Steering Group

Join us in Bristol at the ITFA annual conference that takes place from October 6th till 8th.

Starting at 9am on Wednesday 6th, conference delegates will be invited to join the morning sessions that will feature the latest fintech developments as reported by a number of initiative members who will share their most recent testimonials. Our agenda will also cover the latest developments in the Trade Finance Fintech Ecosystem and our Fintech Initiatives. Those sessions will be organised as follows:

  1. Introduction to the Fintech Ecosystem and the Fintech Initiatives
  2. DNI Initiative – How can negotiable instruments go digital? How are major trade vendors embracing e-documents? Which jurisdictions are embracing this technology development? China SystemsEnigio and Finastra will join this session
  3. Is automated document checking technology threatening the jobs of doc checkers? How are banks taking advantage of this promising technology? Traydstream will join this session
  4. The future of trade ecosystems, networks and rulebooks – how are banks embracing them? Marco Polo Network will join this session
  5. TFD Initiative – Digital trade asset distribution – how are credit insurers and institutional investors taking advantage of new technology-based trade distribution practices? Tradeteq and XDC Network will join this session.

Those sessions will cover our 2020 and 2021 activities as outlined below:

The Trade Finance Fintech Ecosystem keeps on expanding

DNI Initiative endorsed by ICC DSI in support of MLETR implementation

TFD Initiative offers the most comprehensive set of trade distribution capabilities, now including tokenisation

The Technology Experts for Regulatory Action (TERA) task force offers a comprehensive view of

Join us in Bristol during the morning of October 6th to hear it all live from ITFA members. Expect more news to be released between now and early October.

The full programme is available here:

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