Reuters Events, Commodities Trading USA, Houston, June 7 and 8, 2022 – Discounts for ITFA Members

The ITFA Board is pleased to announce that we will partner with Reuters Events on the upcoming event: Commodities Trading USA 2022 event, June 7-8, Houston. The event will unite 150+ senior executives from trading houses, banks, etc. and will gather to tackle the biggest issues facing the industry, such as integrating digital trade solutions, refining long term sustainability targets and more.

We are delighted to inform you that we have secured two passes, each with a 50% discount. As is customary, the discounted passes will be available to ITFA members only on a first come first served basis. In addition, any other registrations made by ITFA members will attract a 10% discount. To avail yourselves of any of the above options, please send an email to

Delivered through 4 key themes: 

1. The Impact of the Energy Transition: Realign sourcing, update supply-chain practices and update investment strategies to meet demands for transparency whilst keeping a competitive edge 

2. The Digitalization of Trading: Adopt cutting-edge Blockchain and AI risk management technology to maximize supply chain efficiency and agility of trade.

3. Financing Commodity Trading: Leverage increased investment liquidity and advance your awareness of fraud prevention technologies to remain financially agile and secure.

4. Logistics and Global Trade: Understand logistical and trade cost developments including ESG, Inflation and shifting legislation, to remain resilient and dynamic for the future of commodity production.

We can’t wait to tackle core challenges of commodities trading with you, with insight from executives such as:

• Cetin Karakus, Global Head of Quantitative and Analytical Solutions, BP

• Raj Rapaka, Technical Advisor, ExxonMobil

• Roger Tancreti, Head of Compliance, Gunvor

• Marc Daft, Director Commercial Strategy and Marketing, Rio Tinto

• Deanna Reitman, OF Counsel Energy and Commodities, DLA Piper

• Summer Mersinger, Commissioner, Commodities Trading Futures Commission

• Matthew Rosetti, Head of Commodities, ING

• Hugo Brodie, Vice President, London Metal Exchange

• Marc Merrill, CEO, Uniper Energy • Antonio Nanez, Managing Director, HSBC

These speakers join a cohort of senior attendees from:

BP, Shell, Exxon Mobil, Trafigura, Mercuria, Rio Tinto, Deloitte, Gunvor, ING, HSBC, London Metal Exchange, Brown Brothers Harriman, Commodities Trading Futures Commission, JP Morgan, DLA Piper, New Climate Ventures, Intercontinental Exchange, 1GCX, Pegasus Commodities, Uniper Energy, Duke Energy, CME Group, Agate Solutions, Orion Energy Partners, AFEX

Find out more here.

6 Ways Reuters Events: Commodities Trading 2022 Is Driving Change

20+ case studies: Benchmark Against the Best

With an agenda packed with real-life case studies, showing you the successes and challenges from a range of new projects – you’ll leave with a clear idea of where you are and where you need to focus.

No more Zoom doom

Dust off your business cards, dry clean your suit, because after almost 2 years of zoom meetings, we’re super-charging networking time at #Commodities22 with online networking and a bespoke meeting service – allowing you to experience both ‘chance encounters and planned meetings that make a difference to your career and business.

Private Workshops & Issue-Based Roundtables

Get to the crux of your challenges and build new connections in closed-door executive workshops and roundtables under strict Chatham House Rules

All Key Stakeholders in one place

Alongside CEOs, government, and Trading executives we’ll bring together commodity traders, supply chain & logistics and trade finance executives to provide the only holistic event shaping the future of commodity trading.

Exclusive Receptions and Executive Meetings

Build new partnerships and network with industry leading executives at on-site and off-site receptions, dinners, and meetings

Reuters Editorial Interviews

Expect household names of commodity trading industries to take to the stage through exclusive fireside chats with our editorial colleagues at Reuters.

As always, we do hope that ITFA members make the most of the additional benefits that ITFA is bringing to them through such collaborations.

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