Nomination Committee for ITFA Board Election

Dear Member,
As you know this year some Board Members will terminate their term of service and therefore at the next AGM in Dubrovnik there will be the election.
For this reason and as requested by the art.15 of the Statute, the ITFA Board has constituted the Nomination Committee composed as follows:

Sema Zeyneloglu (Chairman) email:
Sean Edwards email:
Charles Brough email:
Paul Jennings email:
Silja Calac email:
Semih Oezcan email:

The ITFA Board kindly request the interested candidates wishing to present their candidacy to the Board election, to inform a member of the Nomination Committee at his/her discretion not later than 13th June, 2012 allowing therefore the Nomination Committee to properly accept the candidacy.
60 days before the AGM i.e. 13th July, 2012 the ITFA Board shall notify the members in writing of the candidates proposed although any interested member wishing to be elected to the Board may confirm his/her candidacy directly to the Board not later than 30 days before the AGM that will be held in Dubrovnik on 13th September, 2012.
Many thanks for your attention
Kind regards

ITFA Board
Paolo Provera

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