ITFA is pleased to welcome the following five institutions to its growing family:

ACREMAC was launched in 2016 by a group of experienced and respected professionals to provide a wide range of value-added financial services to its clients in a variety of areas, including risk management, strategic credit risk management, training, among others.

In addition, the company offers directly and through its international partners several innovative and unique products to its clients, namely:

Corporate credit reports: development of specialized products, including credit risk rating model, financial models, credit insurance and factoring brokerage, trade finance, structured finance (including credit rating)

Diagnosis Expertise & Specialities: – Risk management, Credit Risk Solutions, Business Intelligence, Credit reports, Strategic planning and Business Plan

ACREMAC wants to change the way organizations look at risk management.

Perou Issa will be the main contact person for all ITFA related matters.

Belfius Bank is one of the top banks in Belgium, state-owned by the Belgian government. They are market leaders in retail and public banking and intend to improve their positioning in the corporate banking space, where they are now a challenger. They intend to become top 3 in trade finance (today n°4). In Trade Finance they offer the traditional documentary trade products (LCs and related forfaiting, Documentary Collections, Bills of Exchange) and intend to move more into the open account trade with payable finance offerings.

Koen Vierendeels will be the main contact person for all ITFA related matters.

National Bank of Egypt (UK) Limited (NBEUK) is the only Egyptian bank in the United Kingdom, with a well-established customer base including retail, corporate and financial institutions. NBEUK has significant experience and a solid track record in EMEA markets, with a focus on trade finance activity as core business. NBEUK’s services have expanded from the traditional Egyptian market, over the last few years, to a worldwide approach. In addition, NBEUK provides a full range of trade services including issuance, advising and confirmation of Letters of Credits, SBLCs and international guarantees. NBEUK also provides financing solutions including LCs post financing, LCs Refinancing, discounting of Bills of Exchange(s) and Promissory Notes.

Rim Faker will be the main contact person for all ITFA related matters.

SCCF Structured Commodity & Corporate Finance SA was founded in 2004. They are a team of former trade finance bankers (mainly International first class banks based such as BNP Paribas, Credit Suisse, ING, Société Générale) and from large Swiss commodity traders (André & Cie), insurance and surveyors, all coming from the commodity industry.

For 15 years, SCCF raise financing for small to mid-size SME. Mainly active in production, export, import or distribution of natural resources throughout the world.

Dimitri Rusca will be the main contact person for all ITFA related matters.

Triquesta Pte. Ltd is a financial technology with the sole purpose of providing solutions for collateral, risk, and capital management. Founded in 2006, Triquesta is headquartered in Singapore with offices in the Netherlands and Australia. Its ‘TERMS’ solution which helps financial institutions with credit decisions and processing, is currently deployed in over 25 cities across the globe. Triquesta is continuing to focus on innovation and product development, and will soon launch a new release with extra functionality to further help banks optimize return on capital for asset-based lending structures.

Triquesta has also built several strategic partnerships to broaden its solutions for financial institutions by providing an end to end capability across the risk management spectrum and the ability to distribute assets to the investor market.

Geoff Cox will be the main contact person for all ITFA related matters.

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