Mercore joins DNI Initiative

Mercore Group is delighted to join the DNI Initiative.

Mercore is a global trade focused fintech group with deep foundations in anti-financial crime. The group focuses on (1) the provision of due diligence and risk management solutions and (2) the arrangement and provision of finance to trade, supply chain and other commercial transactions.

“AML/KYC challenges are one of the leading contributors to the ever-increasing global trade finance gap. These issues are also causing significant regulatory attention/fines. To mitigate these challenges, we have put best practice compliance and financial crime risk management systems and processes in place from the outset.”, says Anthony Wadsworth-Hill, Co-founder & DCEO/COO, Mercore. “We have decided to join the DNI Initiative and leverage its DLT-based dDOC specifications as a key component of our financing solutions. This membership will allow us to explore dDOC applicability to our Due Diligence Data Wallet (CoreID) which seeks to reduce the overall cost of compliance and optimise related processes for all parties involved in a trade finance transaction.”

“I am delighted to welcome the Mercore team to our global community of legal, compliance and trade experts driving the adoption of MLETR-compliant trade practices.”, says André Casterman, Chair Fintech Committee, ITFA. “As the industry discovers the power of DLT and digital asset technologies, innovators such as Mercore are able to expand their own value propositions to address the KYC data challenge and to move negotiable instruments to the digital age.”

The DNI Initiative is one of ITFA’s strategic market initiatives which has established the most specialised community of technology providers, law firms, financial institutions, and policy stakeholders committed to digitise trade flows as per UNCITRAL MLETR-compatible laws and ITFA’s dDOC specifications. Reach out to André Casterman, Chair Fintech Committee, ITFA for enquiries on membership to ITFA’s DNI Initiative.

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