Joint Webinar – Law & Order: Fraud and asset recovery in trade finance, 26 May 2021

Fraud is an inherent risk in all business but trade finance has experienced some high-profile cases in the last few years that have led to regulatory action.

What are these cases, how did the frauds happen and how can we learn from them? How do you spot fraud and, if you are a victim, how do you go about getting some justice and your money back?

This webinar will include expert fraud lawyers and forensic investigators and asset recovery specialists.

This webinar will cover:Why is trade and commodity finance susceptible to fraud?How do you spot fraud and how can you defend against it?What has happened in Singapore and how did the Government react? Could this set a pattern for the rest of the world?How do you get your money and what does a forensic investigation entail?Our speakers live and breathe these issues daily and have years of experience and war stories to tell. Moderated by the Chairman of ITFA, this will be an insightful but also intensely practical session.

Brian Perrott and Rick Brown are partners in the law firm HFW and specialise in complex commercial litigation and fraud with especial refence to trade finance.

Stuart Pool-Robb has a background in the military and is the founder of KCS Group Europe a leading provider of security and intelligence services, operating in some of the world’s most difficult environments.

James Bailey is currently serving as Head of Intelligence at KCS Group Europe, in which role he is responsible for overseeing and managing the daily operational activities of the investigations department. He has an undergraduate degree in Politics and a Masters in Intelligence.

To registerplease send an email to This webinar is open to everyone and is not limited to ITFA members.

CPD hours: this webinar qualifies for 1 hour of structured CPD.
We do hope many of you will join this webinar!
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