ITFA webinar briefs – May 2020

The ITFA Board through the support of regions and functions has organised a number of webinars for its members. Below is a brief on the webinars organised during the month of May:

Tuesday 5th May – ITFA Americas webinar – Strategies for minimizing negative impacts on Credit Portfolios 
ITFA Americas Regional Chapter (AMRC) in collaboration with the Florida International Bankers Association’s Trade and Lending Committee held a live, online session with industry leaders on how to best manage and mitigate US and International Credit portfolios during the difficult current COVID financial crisis. Top credit experts shared the latest technologies, processes, systems and procedures that can help during uncertain times.

Tuesday 12th May – DNI Initiative
The ITFA Fintech Committee are delighted with the success of its very first educational DNI Initiative webinar. Attended by many from around the globe, (two sessions were organised to ensure that everyone from the various time zones could join), the webinar was very informative and yet interactive.

The goal of the ”Introduction” webinar was to share the approach chosen by the ITFA Fintech Committee and the initial legal and technology outcome delivered to you through the electronic Payment Undertaking (ePU). We debated, asked questions, challenged and inspired – we hope you enjoyed the webinar.

Friday 15th May – first ITFA Insurance Committee webinar
The topic of the insurance webinar was ‘’ITFA Insurance Committee Regulatory Update: Trade Credit Insurance – impact on real economy underestimated!’’ During the webinar the panellists gave an update on what happens in Brussels – and that’s a lot despite COVID-19 and indeed even because of it; informing attendees how the insurance industry reacts to this and to the present crisis; and giving some orientation in the present jungle of government subsidies and schemes.

This webinar was well attended. The Insurance Committee is organising fortnightly webinars with the next one being held on Friday 29th May.

Monday 18th May – MERC Trade Finance Distribution Forum – COVID 19 webinar edition
The ITFA Middle East Regional Committee organised its very first webinar – an educational opportunity, to which many members joined. They discussed global flows – how trade, finance, people and data connect the world’s economy in the COVID-19 age. The webinar also included a session on rethinking trade distribution in the time of COVID and afterwards. This webinar proved to be a fruitful educational experience.     
Tuesday 19th May – DNI Initiative – Technology Integration by China Systems and Enigio
Organised by the ITFA Fintech Committee, the goal of this Technology Integration webinar was to highlight how DLT-based digital document technology integrates into existing systems, processes and channels. Both Fintech Committee members Enigio and China Systems showcased how Bank Guarantees can benefit from a digital process whilst maximizing security and traceability of the original signed documents.

Tuesday 19th and Wednesday 20th May – ITFA Americas webinar – The Impact of COVID 19 on the Economies of the US and Latin America
ITFA Americas – in collaboration with FIBA and Chubb – held two informative webinar sessions from key industry experts to address the economic impacts of COVID 19, the political risk implications of the pandemic, the upcoming US elections and the regional impact on Latin America.

Friday 29th May – second ITFA Insurance Committee webinar
The second insurance webinar which dealt with insurance policy wordings, was very well attended. During the session experts explored: the background to wording of policies; current issues in the insurance market; and how policies respond. The objective of this webinar was to cover key aspects of credit insurance policy coverage from three different perspectives; the lawyer, the banker and the broker.

The recording of these webinars is available for all members to watch. Please click here.

Kindly view our website to learn about our weekly webinars! More to follow in the month of June!

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