ITFA unveils workstreams to transform trade finance investment ecosystem

As part of the Trade Finance Investment Ecosystem (ITFIE) Working Group, ITFA is pleased to announce the introduction of the three workstreams that are anticipated to have a significant impact on the evolution of trade finance as an investable asset class. 

Spearheaded by newly appointed ITFIE co-chairs N L N Swaroop (HSBC) and Bertrand de Comminges (Santander Alternative Investments SGIIC), the workstreams aim to bolster efficiency, pragmatism, standardisation and digitisation to improve risk transfer to a broader set of investors in the trade finance market.

Stream A – Voice of the Institutional Investors:
Co-led by Suresh Hegde of Goldman Sachs Asset Management and Guy Brooks of Pemberton Asset Management, this workstream will focus on articulating institutional and alternative finance investors’ needs to trade finance asset originators; ensuring a clear understanding of the technical aspects of distribution and data-sharing requirements; and addressing legal and regulatory considerations from an investor standpoint.

Stream B – Rules of the Game:
Guided by Geoff Wynne of Sullivan & Worcester and Paul Coles of Orbian, this workstream is dedicated to developing an investor guide for distribution and crafting investor-focused short-form distribution documentation and/or frameworks that can facilitate greater and faster distribution of trade finance into the institutional investor market.

Stream C – Technology and Data:
Co-led by Matt Wreford of Demica and André Casterman of Casterman Advisory, this workstream will drive efforts in automation models for trade finance distribution, with a pragmatic approach to the technology needs of institutional and alternative finance investors, exploring digital journeys for trade distribution and transparency and enhancing data security and integrity.

The three workstreams align with ITFIE’s overarching objective to enhance the trade finance investment ecosystem by facilitating more efficient asset and risk transfer between banks, trade finance practitioners and non-bank investors, while fostering a broader risk appetite from non-traditional investors.

“A big thank you to all our esteemed workstream leaders. We look forward to working with this group of industry-leading experts to drive the transformation needed to benefit the trade finance market. We encourage all interested ITFA members to actively engage and contribute to these workstreams,” say ITFIE co-chairs Bertrand de Comminges and N L N Swaroop.

ITFA members interested in joining any of the workstreams should please contact the ITFA Secretariat at

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