ITFA is pleased to welcome the following five institutions to its growing family:

The overarching objective of the African Development Bank (AFDB) is to spur sustainable economic development and social progress in its member countries, thus contributing to poverty reduction. The AFDB achieves this objective by 1) mobilizing and allocating resources for investment in regional member countries; and 2) providing policy advice and technical assistance to support development efforts. The Bank has also, like all multilateral DFIs agreed on a same set of objectives, called the Sustainable Development Goals. In 2013, the AFDB instituted its in-house Trade Finance Programme with the key objective of reducing the trade finance gap in Africa by complementing the activities of private sector players and regional DFIs already active in the market. Over the years since then, there has been significant market demand for the Bank’s trade finance offering, which signifies the continent’s substantial trade finance gap and the need to do more to overcome persisting market failures.

Bleming Nekati will be the main contact person for all ITFA related matters.

Campion Willcocks Compliance LLP – Firm of consultants for all areas of compliance to support financial institutions (both in the UK and Internationally). This can include areas of KYC (full spectrum of customers) and across payments, Trade Finance, Screening, Due diligence, Correspondent Banking etc.

Consultant support can be remedial file work, enhancing process, policies and procedures, and also can include the implementation of new technology as applicable.

Charlie Lazenby will be the main contact person for all ITFA related matters.

Recognised by CB Insights as one of the top 50 Blockchain companies in the world, the MonetaGo Secure Financing platform leverages cutting edge technology to address fraud in Trade Finance. With over 1.5 million financings secured in three years of successful operating history, MonetaGO is the world’s foremost and only proven provider of double financing fraud prevention technology.

The MonetaGo Secure Financing patform delivers real-time interruption of duplicate trade financing attempts while also authenticating the genuineness of key trade finance documents, It enables financiers to make critical real-time decisions while maintaining privacy across the network and provides a seamless experience to corporate borrowing customers.

MonetaGo commercial activities align with global, political and regulatory mandates to enable institutions to extend their books of business into new markets and underserved sectors.

Patrick Manasse will be the main contact person for all ITFA related matters.

Nimai Trade Fintech Pte, an existing member of ITFA, has just launched 360tf. At 360tf, they are passionate about inclusive trade finance and strongly believe that when trade is global, trade finance should be as well!

Designed by seasoned bankers and ex-treasurers, 360tf has set out on an endeavor to leverage on technology and build a robust online platform ( to connect every importer/exporter with banks across the globe and address trade financing gaps.

They are committed to design a new future for Trade Finance by delivering positive results for all participating entities on the platform. Corporates on the one hand see improved probability of getting their trade transactions financed, and at the best terms, while banks on the other, have access to a consistent stream of new bank-backed trade financing opportunities, thereby improving utilizations, and diversifying their risk portfolios.

Pankaj Mundra will be the main contact person for all ITFA related matters.

WAVE BL is a FinTech company engaged in the world of Global Trade. WAVE BL is a blockchain-based digital courier network that mirrors the traditional, manual process for transferring original paper documents — electronically. The solution empowers instant, encrypted, and authenticated issuing and receiving of digital trade documents. The eBL platform is designed to meet the needs of every member along the supply chain, from the smallest importer to the largest shipping carriers and banking institutions, connecting all stakeholders on one singular and secure network instantly.

Ofer Ein Bar will be the main contact person for all ITFA related matters.

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