ITFA Multilaterals Advisory Panel

ITFA, the Global Trade Finance Industry Body, is delighted to announce the creation of the ITFA Multilaterals Advisory Panel. The newly created Panel was set up with the aim of bringing together senior representatives of global and regional trade-focused multilateral organisations, to provide guidance and feedback to the ITFA board as to the ways in which it designs and implements the Association’s strategy in the pursuit of global trade finance initiatives, so that they are reflective of true global trade policy priorities. 

Sean Edwards, the ITFA Chairman stated “I am very pleased with the creation on the Multilaterals Advisory Panel. Further to the successes and achievements the Association experienced in 2022, where ITFA significantly expanded its influence in the trade finance industry, alongside its membership and its geographical reach. We are now looking forward to an even more successful 2023 and are currently working on a number of strategic initiatives in order to further align the association’s priorities with those of the industry, importing and exporting countries involved in trade. The creation of the Advisory Panel will ensure we remain fully aligned with global and regional trends affecting trade finance, including the challenges facing exporters and importers in developing countries, whilst broadening the perspective of our governance and responsiveness across the entire industry.”

The new members of the ITFA Multilaterals Advisory Panel are:

Duarte Pedreira, ITFA Board Member and Head of Institutional Relations added:

“Institutional Relations was only recently added to the list of functions we have within ITFA and was set up with a view of affirming and consolidating the Association as the Global Trade Finance Industry Body. Fostering dialogue between ITFA and those entities driving global trade is naturally key to making the Association relevant to its membership and to the industry in general. Having this new Multilaterals Advisory Panel providing guidance and feedback to the ITFA Board will ensure we remain relevant and responsive to the ever-progressing nature of trade finance and we are very grateful to the Panel members who will be devoting their time and experience in this pursuit.”   

About ITFA:

ITFA is the Global Trade Finance Industry Body, with over 300 members spanning through all types of organisations involved in trade finance, credit and political risk insurance, export finance and all related matters. We have a global footprint with regional committees covering the whole globe, and a myriad of functional committees including market practice, insurance, fintech, ESG and emerging leaders. For more information please visit

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