ITFA German Region – GRC Elections – Nomination For Candidates

Based on the ITFA statutes the term of each Regional Committee (RC) is limited to three years and our term as the German RC (GRC) comes to an end this November!  We therefore are preparing the elections for the next GRC.

Looking back at our last term there have been plenty of activities although the Corona Pandemic temporarily put some limits.  Since June 2022 we could resume in person events and therefore already held two workshops (well attended in Frankfurt and Berlin) as well as an Educational Seminar in Stuttgart on the insurance market with a focus on Lloyds. 

 In order to participate in the vote the nominated representatives of the member institutions of the ITFA German Region (registered with ITFA in Zurich) will vote on their behalf on the election.  As the same will be held electronically each representative will be sent a link to an online voting platform, alongside an outline of all the candidates. Once at the voting platform, the nominated representative will be able to select the candidates from the entire candidate pool.  The GRC statutes allow a number between three and nine members to work on the Committee.  In case there are more than nine candidates the ones with the highest number of votes will compose the next GRC.  N.b.:  The Chairperson of the GRC is then elected amongst the members of the new GRC (article 3 GRC statutes).

We do invite all ITFA members of the German Region who would like to actively contribute to the work of the Committee during the next three year mandate to submit their candidacy via email to expressing the intention to run, including a brief motivation of the candidate representing your institution.  Applications must be received by 5.00 pm CET time on 19.11.2023.

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