ITFA Forfaiting Seminars

The ITFA Board is grateful to the local regional colleagues for the constitution of the North Eastern Asia ITFA Regional Committee, which will be chaired by Mr Cheng Jun of Bank of China and for the successful unforgettable 3 days forfaiting session, where numerous delegates from various Asian countries were present. Please find herebelow the list of the regional ITFA members who took part to the foundation ceremony of the 6th ITFA regional committee:

Bank of China -Chairman- Mr. Cheng Jun (Assistant General Manager, Trade Services)
ICC China -Deputy Chairman- Mr. Li Haifeng (Deputy Secretary General)
China Construction Bank -Education Commitee- Mr. Chen Liping (Manager Trade Finance Division)
China Merchants Bank -Membership Committee- Mr. Fang Hui (General Manager International Department)
Agricultural Bank of China -Communication Committee- Mr. Zhang Quantying (Factoring manager International Department)

Last but not least: a special “Thank you” goes also to our ITFA member Tunis International Bank who has given a major tremendous support in the organization of a wonderful 3 days forfaiting session in Tunis.

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