ITFA Covid 19 Message

The current crisis brought on by the Covid-19 pandemic unprecedented in modern times: the whole world is at war with a virus.

You all have far better things to do than to worry at the impact of the current situation on a simple trade association. Our roster of global events from Tallinn to Toronto and numerous points in-between has been postponed, but we shall return as soon and as powerfully as we can.

It is too early to tell what all the consequences of the pandemic will be when it has subsided but come to an end it will. ITFA will do its best to manage the present situation but is also looking to the future.

In the meantime, we are converting as much of our output as we can to remotely viewable videos and podcasts. The first of these is scheduled to take place next Wednesday and will deal with the impact of Covid-19 on trade finance, supply chain finance, insurance and fintech. We should be sending you details on this shortly.

Take care of yourselves and those around you. Our Chinese members have already shown us how to get through this crisis.

For those of you who want to help, the WHO has set up a solidarity fund and we encourage you to contribute : COVID-10 Solidarity Response Fund.

See you all soon.

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