ITFA Conference, Abu Dhabi – Some important points to bring to your attention

The ITFA Board wishes to bring a few points to your attention, relating to the ITFA 49th Annual Conference:

ITFA Conference APP (VENTLA) and Networking Portal

May we take the opportunity to remind you all that we have launched the ITFA Conference Networking Portal which for this year is being incorporated into the Conference APP (VENTLA). The aim of the Conference APP revolves around the concept of having the entire conference at your fingertips, whilst that of the Networking Portal is to facilitate networking.

This year’s Networking Session will take place on Thursday 12th October from 15:10 till 17:40hrs. All registered/confirmed participants have received an email titled: ‘’Welcome to the ITFA Conference APP & networking portal’’. This email was sent by the ITFA Conference Secretariat, and includes the necessary instructions for participants to download/access the app, to look for other delegates and connect via the integrated portal!

The Conference APP is a free interactive event app that also allows live Q&A, live polls and live quizzes. Participants will be able to vote, send questions and express themselves (anonymously or not, as you wish) in real time during the conference. It is suggested for this application to be downloaded on personal devices.

Kindly contact the ITFA Conference Secretariat on if you have registered but have not received the above mentioned email, or should you encounter any issues with the APP or the Networking Portal.

Last 10 rooms available at the Ritz Carlton Hotel, Abu Dhabi

This is our last chance to remind you all that we currently have the last 10 rooms available at the Ritz Carlton Hotel, Abu Dhabi. In case any of you are still pending approvals, we strongly suggest that you register at the very earliest, as otherwise we will not be in a position to guarantee accommodation.

May we point out that local delegate tickets will still be available. 

On a different note, it is important to highlight that all outstanding invoices must be paid by the stipulated invoice date. Otherwise ITFA reserves the right to cancel hotel registrations, given the non availability of rooms.

Dedicated registration room for VIP sponsors (Silver, Premium Silver, Gold, MENA Lead, Platinum and Diamond sponsors)

We are pleased to announce that upon arrival at the Ritz Carlton Hotel lobby, our VIP sponsors (silver sponsors and upwards) will be hosted in the Majilis Room. This will allow our VIP sponsors to avoid queueing at the registration desk. This is yet another added benefit of higher tier sponsorship. In due course, VIP sponsors will receive a separate email on this.

We once again would like to thank all our sponsors for their support and commitment to ITFA!

Should you have any queries, kindly send us an email on

We look forward to seeing you in Abu Dhabi!

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