ITFA / ANZ – Trade Finance as an Investable Asset Class

The ITFA and ANZ are delighted to invite you to a technology-focused session on market developments in trade finance. Organised jointly by the ITFA Fintech Committee and by the ITFA Australia and New Zealand Regional Committee; chaired by Damian Kwok, the event will showcase a series of ITFA-registered Fintechs that are specialised in helping financial institutions digitise trade finance operations and/or attract new investment into the asset class. Panel debates will focus on the viability and the opportunities for incumbent financial institutions to collaborate with Fintech companies in order to automate trade finance and to address the huge trade finance gap.

Hosts on the day include:

The following ITFA-registered fintechs will be on stage (in alphabetical order):

André Casterman, ITFA Board Member and Chair of ITFA Fintech Committee, insists on the vast opportunities for banks to benefit from advanced technology propositions: “New technologies such as data management, machine learning, as well as new trading venues such as market networks are re-inventing established business practices between banks, their clients and investors. Collaboration between transaction banks and fintechs will prove vital for incumbents to remain competitive in the future digital trade space.”

Damian Kwok, Chair of the ITFA Australia and New Zealand Regional Committee, Head of Trade and Supply Chain – Australia, NZ and Pacific and Head of Portfolio Management, ANZ adds: “ANZ is delighted to host this event and facilitate dialogue between the global ITFA membership, in particular fintech players, and the local AU/NZ community. The Trade Finance business is increasingly automating and expanding, and now is the time for banks to accelerate the opportunities for collaboration with fintech companies and access to new investors.”

The target audience includes local Australian and New Zealand banks, their clients and liquidity providers, as well as the global ITFA membership. Access will be restricted to confirmed guests only.

The session will take place at ANZ Tower from 09:00 till 13:00 on Friday 26 October 2018Please RSVP by Friday 19 October. You will be redirected to a registration website where you will need to complete your contact details to confirm your attendance.

We look forward to seeing you in Sydney.