ICC Austria Trade Finance Practitioners’ Week, 5-9 October 2015 – 1 Free Pass Available

For all those international trade finance experts and practitioners, risk and compliance managers in trade finance, ICC Austria in collaboration with EBRD, is organizing a week of training, conferences, exchanges and technical assistance.  ICC Austria Trade Finance Practitioners’ Week will be held in Vienna between 5-9 October 2015.

Internationally renowned experts will, from a practitioners perspective, discuss the latest developments & cases, suggest practical solutions for challenging or unusual situations, show how to combine different trade finance instruments in practice, but also highlight the risks and how to reduce, if not avoid them. Letters of Credit, Bank Guarantees, Stand-by L/Cs, Forfaiting, Factoring will be discussed, as well as hot topics such as KYC and Anti-Money laundering in trade finance, and risk mitigation in trade finance.

Trade Finance for Practitioners’ Week will consist of four different events during that week:

·         ISBP Training (Oct 5) or alternatively,
·         Risk mitigation in Trade Finance (Oct 5)

·         Compliance and KYC in Trade Finance event (Oct 6)

·       ICC Austria/EBRD joint workshop on Documentary Credits, Forfaiting and Bank Guarantees (Oct 7/8)

·         ICC Austria/EBRD joint workshop on Factoring. (Oct 9)

As part of the agreement entered into between ITFA and ICC, the ITFA Board is pleased to announce that ICC is offering 1 free pass to 1 ITFA member to attend the 2 day event titled ICC Austria/EBRD Joint Workshop on Documentary Credits, Forfaiting and Bank Guarantees.  This will be held between the 7-8 October. Over and above, ICC are also offering all ITFA members a 20% discount to attend any of the events during that week.

Should you wish to avail yourself of this 1 free pass or the 20% discount (should you miss out on the free pass), you are kindly requested to send an email on alexiavella@itfa.org. Please keep in mind that the 1 free pass will be allocated on a first come first serve basis, therefore we encourage you to reply to our email ASAP to avoid disappointment.  We will then guide you accordingly on how to proceed with registering.

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