GTR Webinar: Trade Finance Funds 2021

Through the TFD Initiative, ITFA has established the largest business community of trade originators, funding platforms, credit insurers, institutional funders and their service providers committed to increase the level of automation and transparency in trade asset and risk distribution on the basis of technology-based market practices.
Backed by top 10 originators, the TFD Initiative is transforming trade finance as an investable asset class and bridges banking and capital market spaces.
“Attracting more institutional funding is a top priority for the trade finance industry”, says André Casterman, Chair Fintech Committee, ITFA. “Whether operating in the primary and/or secondary spaces, non-bank finance contributes to addressing the trade finance gap. Major originators are welcoming new funding partners too as regulatory capital remains a challenge, and some succeed in transforming this into a business development opportunity.”
We are therefore delighted to partner with Global Trade Review (GTR) and to invite you to attend “Trade Finance Funds 2021”. Attendance is free of charge; feel free to register to the online session that will take place on May 5th.
This webinar will delve deeper into how trade finance funds, with various areas of focus and adhering to various models, have become increasingly central, as well as considering investor appeal and the role of technology in creating an investable and transparent asset class.
The following members of TFD Initiative feature on the event agenda:

Check out the GTR event page for more information. Check out the TFD Initiative website for a full list of members.

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