FCI Academy – Supply Chain Finance & Reverse Factoring e-learning Course – Discounted price for ITFA members

The ITFA Board is pleased to announce that ITFA will partner with FCI Academy on the following online course: Supply Chain Finance & Reverse Factoring e-learning.

The ITFA Board is delighted to inform you that it has secured a special discounted price. ITFA members pay EUR 215 instead of EUR 245 until 25 February 2022 and EUR 345 instead of EUR 395 thereafter. All ITFA members who are interested in taking this course should send an email to lanika@itfa.org.

Many businesses are now taking advantage of supply chain finance to improve their working capital, build stronger supplier relationships and reduce supply chain risk. But what is supply chain finance, how does it work and how can the FCI Academy help you achieve your goals?

With six fully comprehensive modules, the FCI Academy is proud to announce the release of the latest online course that focuses on Supply Chain Finance and Reverse Factoring. This is the latest addition to the Academy’s globally recognised and accredited educational offerings that aim to support personal, corporate and market development globally through short online courses.

Covering all aspects of the trade cycle, students will gain an understanding of physical, financial and information supply chains, gain an in-depth understanding of reverse factoring, understand the buyer and all of their requirements, responsibilities and challenges, learn how to establish reverse factoring deals and master the supplier onboarding process, and gain a full understanding of the role of Factoring organisations. The course also gives in-depth know-how for those who incorporate the Purchase Order Management Service and FCIreverse tools provided by FCI. 

In addition, this course contains interactive tools, explainer videos, case studies and questionnaires to test your knowledge all for the enhancement of your learning experience. This is the only supply chain finance course you will need to matriculate to gain a broad understanding of the supply chain finance and reverse factoring industry and all that it encompasses.

More details about the course can be found here.

As always, we do hope that our ITFA members make the most of the additional benefits that ITFA is bringing to them through such collaborations.

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