Board Member

Gwynne Master

MD, Client Products, Head of Working Capital

Current role and responsibilities: Managing Director, Head of Working Capital

Gwynne joined Lloyds in Feb 2018 to lead the GTB FI & NBFI Sales teams. In 2019, Gwynne was appointed to lead Lloyds GTB Global Trade business, which includes Open Account and Traditional Trade, Product, Solutions and Sales across SME, Mid-Caps, Large Corporates and FIs. Gwynne has the lead role for Working Capital, reporting to Simon Kenyon, responsible for traditional trade and open account solutions including invoice discounting, supplier finance and receivables purchase for commercial and business banking clients. Gwynne is a leader on Race and Sustainability within her business line and more broadly she has significant International experience thanks to prior roles with Standard Chartered, Barclays and Wachovia Bank in the regions of Singapore, U.S, Italy, North America and Southern Europe.

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