ExCred International, London – 28/29 February 2024 – Important Updates

As recently announced, may we kindly remind you that ITFA is partnering with Informa Connect on their upcoming event: Excred International which is being held between the 28th and 29th February 2024 at the Hilton Tower Bridge – London.

Due to unforeseen circumstances, ITFA’s Head of ESG, Johanna Wissing will not be able to speak at the event, however Sean Edwards, ITFA Chair will be stepping in and form part of the panel entitled ‘Quantifying physical climate risk and transition risk: Practical solutions’ happening on Day 1.

During the panel discussion Sean, also in his capacity of Co-Chair of the ITFA ESG Council, will be giving further insights on the ITFA proposition aimed at standardising reporting methodologies to achieve uniformity, consistency, and comparability similar to financial reporting standards. We strongly encourage your attendance at the session to gain a deeper understanding of this important ITFA project.

Should you be interested in this project may we kindly invite you to contact ITFA Deputy Chair, Lorna Pillow on info@itfa.org

ITFA Member Benefits

Additionally, we want to highlight that ITFA members are entitled to a 10% discount when registering as part of their membership benefits. To avail of this discount, kindly reach out to us at sec@itfa.org.

As always we do hope that our ITFA members make the most of the additional benefits that ITFA is bringing to them through such collaborations.

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