European politics and business after COVID-19 – WTW webinar – 8 September 2020

ITFA is pleased to announce that Silja Calac, ITFA Board Member and Chairperson of the ITFA Insurance Committee, will be one of the speakers at the upcoming webinar organised by Willis Towers Watson (WTW). The webinar titled ”European politics and business after Covid-19” will be held on Tuesday 8th September 2020 between 12:30 – 13:30 BST.

The European Council’s recent recovery fund deal has triggered a wave of optimism in the Euro’s ability to be a credible international reserve currency bringing potentially significant benefits for the European economy. But what could the wider, and possibly unexpected, consequences be for European politics and business?

Join a panel of analysts, brokers and underwriters who will consider the implications of COVID-19 and the recovery fund deal for European politics and business, including:

The webinar will address the relevant business risks, such as trade disruption and economic volatility, and consider the insurance solutions available to help companies navigate the uncertainty.

We invite our members to join this webinar. To register, please click here.

A report prepared by WTW on this topic is available in the ITFA member space of our website.

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