EBSI’s New Online Shipping Certificate Course – Special Discounts For ITFA Members

As part of the Board’s efforts to provide more to its members, ITFA is pleased to announce that following an agreement reached with eBSI Export Academy,  who provide Certified Online Training in Export, Finance and Supply Chain Management (SCM), eBSI is kindly offering our ITFA members 2 passes at 50% discount on the online certificate course titled ‘Background to Shipping’. In addition, any other ITFA member who registers for this online course, will receive a 15% discount on the course fees.

eBSI/Coracle ‘Background to Shipping’ Online Certificate Course
eBSI is delighted to present, in partnership with Coracle Online, a 100% online course, certificated and mentor supported. Access to eBSI’s New Online Shipping Certificate Course is for a maximum of 9 months, there is no minimum time requirement and the average completion time is 2-3 months. Moreover, there are no course pre-requisites. At the end of each activity there is a test to be completed online. One receives instant feedback on the score with email confirmation. Successful candidates will be awarded a certificate. Candidates must attempt ALL tests to complete the course. The pass mark is 60%. A pass with merit is awarded if you score over 90%. Additionally, there are no technical requirements – any PC, tablet or smart phone with internet access can follow this course.

The Background to Shipping course normally costs GBP 295 (EUR 377) but as a launch special eBSI are offering the certificate at 10% off (EUR 333) and including their Marine Transport Learning Unit valued at EUR 100 as a bonus for taking the course through eBSI Export Academy. In addition, as ITFA members, 2 passes are available at a cost of Eur166 (50% discount) and all other registrations at a cost of Eur283 (15% discount). In order to register and benefit from the ITFA discounts, please send an email on info@itfa.org.

The course contains 10 activities, covering a range of topics, including:

We hope that our members make the most of the additional benefits that ITFA is bringing to them through such collaborations. We strongly feel that this collaboration can provide our members with a practical distance e-learning opportunity.

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