The Trade Finance Market is currently going through an important period of transformation in areas such as sustainability and digitalisation. Credit insurance industry commentators estimate that their members provide around $2.5bn of payment risk protection to banks, exporters and investors – equivalent to 13% of world cross border trade for goods and services. It’s therefore imperative that the credit insurance market is an active contributor and participant to this industry initiative.

As more and more Insurtech companies are created as part of the digitisation agenda, our working group has been created to address key stakeholder requirements and provide clarity to a dynamic and crowded landscape offering a variety of complex and still formative solutions. 

The working group is inclusive of industry stakeholders to include financiers, insurers, brokers and Fintechs all bringing a diverse perspective. Our primary goal is to map the Insurtech ecosystem through a dynamic document that places the features of the currently available solutions within the life-cycle of a Trade Finance transaction.

If you are an industry participant and/or solution provider and have a contribution to make through the working group please do contact

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