Announcement concerning the Joint Association Letter

In April this year, ITFA led a joint industry association initiative, drawing the attention of the regulator to the Private Non-Payment Insurance market. Thanks to our continuous advocacy activities, we understood that the European Commission was preparing amendments to the EU Capital Requirements Regulation (CRR), aiming at boosting and facilitating bank lending amid COVID-19 crisis. Together with BAFT, Berne Union, IACPM, IUA, LMA, we were explaining, in the letter addressed to the European policymakers, that when considering regulatory and legislative actions they should ensure fair treatment between various providers and segments in the credit insurance market. You may find the letter in the member’s section of the ITFA website.

Our aim was two-fold:

ITFA considers this initiative very useful, mainly for three reasons:

As it is the case in life and even more so in politics, the journey is as important as the destination and the hard results might not be the most important ones.

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