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06 Dec

Demica’s 2023 Annual Benchmark Survey

At the request of Demica, a member of the ITFA Fintech Committee, we are sending you the recently launched annual benchmarking survey for banks in trade finance. After an overwhelmingly positive response to last year’s benchmark report for banks in trade finance, Demica needs your input for the 2023 survey!

05 Dec

Uniform Rules for Transferable Electronic Payment Obligations (URTEPO)

As new technology and legislation ushers in the ability to create electronic payment obligations, ITFA is proud to announce the publication of a unique set of rules covering the transfer of these obligations. We believe that the rules will provide the industry with a robust framework within which to operate with confidence, and enable the modernisation of the traditional forfaiting market.

01 Dec

ITFA Martin Ashurst Mentoring Scheme 2023

We are calling on all prospective mentors and mentees to join the 2023 cohort of the ITFA Martin Ashurst Trade Finance Mentoring Scheme. Expressions of interest from prospective mentors and mentees should be submitted by 20th January 2023.

29 Nov

Kyriba joins the DNI Initiative – the industry’s leading MLETR community

Despite global consensus on the importance of converting the paper-based Trade business into a digital format, there’s a bold contrast between the steps already taken by some regulators to accept the digital Trade instruments as enforceable documents, and others who are still relatively lagging behind.

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A message from the Chairman

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ITFA Events 2022

20 DEC

ITFA and VEFI Christmas Cocktail 2022, Zurich


Annual ME Trade Finance Roundtable 2023, Organised By MERC Committee

08 FEB

Tallinn SCF Summit 2023

22 FEB

ITFA will be partnering with GTR during the GTR Mena to be held in Dubai

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Dispute Resolution

ITFA offers conciliation and arbitration services in cases of dispute where at least one member of the Association is involved.  This service is of particular value in those cases where trade finance disputes arise. Whatever the case we invite you to get in touch.

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