ITFA Events


ITFA NERC and Young Professionals Networking event, London – organised by NERC

The ITFA NERC and ITFA Young Professionals are organizing a informative seminar and networking cocktail event which is going to be held in London.


ITFA and GTR – MENA Trade Finance Week, Dubai

The Annual event in Dubai – MENA Trade Finance Week is this year being brought to you by ITFA in collaboration with GTR. This event plays a vital role in fostering face-to-face dialogue between all sectors involved in Middle Eastern trade.


VEFI Bowling and Jass Championship, Zurich – organised by ITFA and VEFI

VEFI and ITFA are organizing a social event – a bowling and Jass Championship. This enjoyable event will take place at Restaurant Schützenruh, Zurich and will commence at 17:30hrs.


CEERC Annual Traditional Spring Event, Educational Seminar & Cocktail Party, Vienna – organised by CEERC

As is customary, this Annual Traditional Spring event which is organised by ITFA CEERC and is held in Vienna, will consist of an educational event, followed by drinks.


SERC Educational Seminar, Madrid – organised by SERC

The ITFA SERC is organising an educational seminar, which will be held in Madrid. The event is being organised jointly by ITFA and Banco Santander.