Regional Committees

The Regional Committee supports members in the regions where there is no regional committee, and sets up additional regional committees where need be. It also collects information from existing regional committees and reports to the Board at the Annual Conference.  Part of its role is to promote the association regionally and attract new members, occasionally organising regional events in co-ordination with other committees, and also assisting these regional committees with legal issues and with local contacts with governmental and non-governmental bodies.

In addition to the Regional Committee, there are also 8 separate regional committees which work closely with their respective geographic regions.  Select a regional committee from the menu below for more information.


Chris Hall of Liberty Specialty Markets

Head of Regions


There are no board members set for this committee


African Regional Committee – ARC - 15 members


Middle East Regional Committee – MERC - 14 members

united_arab_emirates_48(8)lebanon_48(1)oman_48(1)brunei darussalam(1)kuwait flag(1)flag of Israel(1)Flag_of_Saudi_Arabia(1)

Northern European Regional Committee – NERC - 79 members

netherlands_48(6)united_kingdom_48(62)Norway_48(1)sweden(2)luxembourg_48(1)belgium(1)united_states_48(2)denmark_48(1)puerto rico flag(1)ireland flag(2)

Southern European Regional Committee – SERC - 23 members