Regional Committees

ITFA’s Regional Committee is the centralised support for the 10 committees across various geographic areas, ensuring all regional committees are working for the benefit of their local members, whilst keeping in alignment with ITFA’s global agenda and mission statement. ITFA’s regional committees promote the association regionally, look to attract new members and organise local events, normally with an educational focus and content linked to some of our other committees, whilst ensuring idea-sharing and collaboration between regions.



Chris Hall of Liberty Specialty Markets

Head of Regions


There are no board members set for this committee


African Regional Committee – ARC - 17 members

South-Africa_48(6)egypt_48(1)nigeria(2)angola(1)Burkina Faso(1)Liberia(1)Untitled-1(1)kenya(2)sierraleone(1)mauritius(1)

Middle East Regional Committee – MERC - 14 members

united_arab_emirates_48(8)lebanon_48(1)oman_48(1)brunei darussalam(1)kuwait flag(1)flag of Israel(1)Flag_of_Saudi_Arabia(1)

Northern European Regional Committee – NERC - 81 members

netherlands_48(6)united_kingdom_48(64)Norway_48(1)sweden(2)luxembourg_48(1)belgium(1)united_states_48(2)denmark_48(1)puerto rico flag(1)ireland flag(2)

Southern European Regional Committee – SERC - 24 members