Update – NERC Annual Spring Event held in Amsterdam on 12 May 2016

On Thursday 12 May 2016 ITFA NERC in association with GarantiBank International N.V. and Credit Europe Bank N.V. held its annual spring event in Amsterdam.  This was the seventh annual spring event and attracted highest ever number of participants.

The event traditionally opened with a seminar that brought together well known experts on the topics concerning emerging markets and trade finance.  Simon Quijano – Evans, Chief Emerging Markets Analyst of Commerzbank AG opened the seminar with his presentation “Emerging Markets Strategy Update: What to Expect, Where to Invest?”  Simon is optimistic on growth prospects in the EM, though he argues that challenges and volatility in the developed world add to uncertainty.

Raoul Leering, Head of International Trade Research at ING Bank N.V., took the stage next with his prospective for international trade.  Raoul was less cheerful about the growth and volumes in international trade and particularly saw the reason being slowdown in the Emerging Markets. A glimpse of hope is on the increasing prices of commodities from recent lows, which could potentially contribute to increase in the trade volumes.

Following Raoul, Geoffrey Wynne of Sullivan & Worcester elaborated on taking securities in African countries.  From his point of view there is very good appetite for getting financing in Africa and advises banks to be proactive in such opportunities provided all the peculiarities are minded. Concluding the seminar was a panel discussion moderated by Senior Portfolio Manager at Federated Project and Trade Finance Core Fund, Dalia Kay.  Dalia discussed legalization and standardization of documentation in trade finance and also touched on such challenges for newly opened and to be opened markets such as Cuba and Iran.  Sitting on the panel were Sean Edwards of SMBC, Karl Page of Barclays, Ron van Staten of ING Bank and Geoffrey Wynne of Sullivan & Worcester.

The reception part of the event took place in 5&33 Gallery, which is promoted by ArtOtel and where amateur artists can display their work. During the event guests were viewing the work of Karim Adduchi, a Moroccan born artist and fashion designer who has brave and original style.  Judging on the attendance, it was another successful event in Amsterdam.

To view photos of the event please visit the ITFA Facebook page.

We would like to thank all those who attended the event.

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