The Receivables Exchange joins ITFA

New ITFA member The Receivables Exchange is a platform established to give private companies rapid access to working capital.

Headquartered in New Orleans with an office in New York, qualifying companies can list their invoices on The Receivables Exchange where capital providers bid to buy the receivables. The Exchange’s target is the massive accounts receivable marketplace, which the founders say is worth US$17 trillion in annual business-to-business trade in the USA alone.

Paul Ellis, Vice President Institutional Sales says, “We are looking to create an entirely new way for the world’s premiere capital providers to connect with millions of private companies who could benefit from a more flexible way to gain access to capital.” He adds that joining the ITFA is an important step for the firm. “We look forward to providing ITFA Members with a significant and alternative origination source.”

Those who would like to learn more about The Receivables Exchange can visit its website: and Paul Ellis can reached at 001 504.208.1926

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