Surecomp joining DNI & TFD Initiatives

Surecomp has decided to join ITFA’s flagship market initiatives – DNI Initiative and TFD Initiative – recognising the industry momentum around two key market trends: (1) the global adoption of UNCEFACT Model Law for Electronic Transferable Records (MLETR) and (2) the need to attract institutional liquidity to support trade originators.

Enno-Burghard Weitzel, SVP Strategy, Digitization and Business Development at Surecomp explains both membership decisions: “Our mission is to enable seamless, sustainable trade for everyone through fostering an open, inclusive and collaborative trade ecosystem. By promoting standards and the adoption of digital trade, the work of the DNI and TFD is fully aligned to these goals. Through making trade finance instruments more easily accessible to a far greater number of businesses, we are collectively helping to close the trade finance gap.”

“I am delighted to welcome the Surecomp team to our global community of trade experts contributing to our market-wide digital trade ambitions.”, adds André Casterman, Founder, Casterman Advisory and ITFA Fintech Committee. “Through DNI and TFD initiatives, we facilitate industry collaboration on both technology and policy sides and enable trade originators – incumbents and new entrants – to extend liquidity to their clients in a more efficient and effective way.”

Initiated in 2019, both Fintech Initiatives aim to address strategic market ambitions: DNI Initiative digitises negotiable instruments in the corporate-to-bank space as per UNCITRAL MLETR-compatible laws and ITFA’s dDOC specifications, whilst TFD Initiative expands the trade distribution space through involvement of institutional investors. Our regulatory advocacy task force (TERA) promotes the integration of digital options such as use of e-originals, tokenisation and digital assets into national laws.

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