All ITFA Members Call – 12 noon UK time

The ITFA Board would like to invite you for a Zoom call on Monday the 19th of June 2023 at 12 noon UK time to let you know what is happening in ITFA .

The agenda of the call:

  1. An update of ITFA’s activities by each member of the ITFA Board
  2. Membership fees
  3. Vote on location of next year’s conference : three cities will be proposed
  4. Q&A

Please join us on the day and register HERE.

A word in relation to fees.

Over the last ten years, ITFA has grown in both size and quality thanks to your continuous support and commitment have contributed to the growth of the association. Your participation has been instrumental in driving the vision, goals and making a positive impact on our trade finance community.

For the first time in well over ten years, we are proposing a modest increase to our annual membership fees.

Since the last increase, ITFA has grown exponentially and what we do for the benefit of our membership has also changed beyond recognition.

Since then, we have published dozens of templates and guidance documents on everything from Basel to structured letters of credit to IFRS to … and the list could go on. In addition, we publish reg cap opinions on the BAFT/ITFA market-standard master risk participation agreement on which members can legally rely at no additional cost. We have carried out successful advocacy campaigns in the EU and have established an ESG committee which will tackle issues not covered by other associations or groups.

During the pandemic, we replaced our physical events with online webinars, and there were a lot of them, on a wide range of subjects. As soon as we could re-open to face-to face meetings, our calendar of events has grown in size and number every year and continues to attract record numbers. 

As a result of all this activity, we have grown the size of our secretariat and they are very busy all the time.

We have kept our membership fees low through a mixture of efficiency and partnership with sponsors who have generously provided premises and so on.

We now face a point where providing even current levels of service will need extra funding and so we will be asking you to approve an increase in annual fees from €1,250 to € 1,500. A formal vote will be taken at the AGM so this is just a heads-up. We think we are worth every penny and we hope you do so too.  

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