New Primary Market guide a “must read”

The document, produced by the ITFA’s Market Practice Committee and lawyers Denton Wilde Sapte, is designed primarily for new entrants to the market.

It also reflects the views of a number of ITFA members both in form and content as well as those of the Forfaiting Task Force set up within the International Chamber of Commerce.

Consequently it is also essential reading for existing and would-be market participants, covering sourcing, structuring and finalizing of transactions using forfaiting techniques. It takes the reader through to secondary market placement and so is useful for those who may only buy and sell in that sector of the market.

Announcing the release of the Primary Market introduction, ITFA Chairman Lucio Matassoni comments, “A lot of hard work has gone into producing this document but it’s been worth it. It represents a big step forward in establishing best market practice and making forfaiting more transparent for all market participants. At the same time it also reflects the steady growth in new and innovative forfaiting techniques and the spread of the product across new geographies. This is a must read for everyone with an interest in trade finance in general and forfaiting in particular.”

The primary market document can be downloaded here.

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