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By Ahmad Izhar ul Haque, Executive Director at SC and Dan Georgescu at PWC

Managing working capital is becoming a subject of increasing importance for companies in the Middle East and is now a C-suite agenda. When the Coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19) struck the world in early 2020, it took the global economy by surprise. However, many policies adopted during the crisis, including some enacted long before the pandemic, proved to have a mitigating effect and helped cushion the economic blow.

These initiatives are worth looking at as part of any future strategies as they confirm that the adaptation of digital solutions, careful management of working capital, and making sustainability a key priority, all carried a positive economic impact during a time of a global economic slowdown. 

The ITFA Middle East Regional Committee (MERC) and PWC Middle East are jointly exploring these policies for inclusion in any future strategic plans.

You can find the ME Whitepaper link here

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