Webinar – Tracking payment and trade transactions – the holy grail to full visibility and control? – organised by the ITFA fintech committee

In a 2018 paper, McKinsey stated: “Whatever one’s business, the realities of today’s marketplace mean that those with the best data systems and capabilities will win – and by an increasingly outsize margin”.

How is this applicable to transaction banks? Which data-intensive use cases bring real value to banks and their clients today?

With SWIFT gpi, tracking cross-border payments has become a reality. Clients enjoy increased visibility on payment processing status and fees across correspondent banking. A new norm has been established in international payments which benefits banks and their corporate clients. But is this new “glass pipe” as transparent as it should be? What is required to reach full processing transparency in payments and trade transaction processing?

What is the actual scope of SWIFT gpi? How does internal transaction tracking help maximise transparency in payment processing? Could banks offer similar transparency on trade flows? Do corporates expect more visibility on trade transactions as they do on payments? How would this fit with trade-specific processing such as document checking and credit management? Which banking teams would benefit most amongst operations, compliance and sales teams? Which technical challenges need to be considered? How could ITFA become a catalyst to progress industry work around payment and trade transaction tracking?

Join us on 23 February 2021 for an educational webinar and debate around ways for banks to offer full visibility on payment and trade transactions through end-to-end transaction tracking.

The session will be moderated by Johanna Wissing, Director, Lloyds Bank and Board Member, ITFA and will feature the following panellists:

We hope you will join us on that day. The session will start at 12:00 GMT / 13:00 CET / 20:00 SGT. Please register via email to lanika@itfa.org. Feel free to consult our pre-briefing blog entitled “Is your data house in order?”. 

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