Contributed by ITFA’s Australia and New Zealand Regional Committee

The ITFA Australia and New Zealand Regional Committee (ANZRC) recently held a forum in Sydney to discuss the state of the Supply Chain Finance market in Australia.

The forum was anchored by two panel discussions looking at what is needed to accelerate growth and what the exciting future holds.

There was an overwhelming sentiment that Supply Chain Finance is going to play an important role in helping our companies and communities thrive – very exciting.

At the event, we also launched the ITFA Emerging Leaders Program for Australia and New Zealand, which aims to help the next generation of industry leaders to grow Supply Chain Finance and other ITFA agendas into the future.

On behalf of ITFA ANZRC Board, thank you to all the guests who attended the event. Special thanks to ANZ for hosting the event and to our fantastic speakers – Martin Phelan, Simone Fynmore, Peter Farthing, Thomas McGhee, John Perego, Damian Kwok, Fei-Fei Porter, Alicia de los Santons, Mark Borton, Steve Scott – for their contribution.

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