ICC MEXICO – The Digital Future Of Trade And Supply Chain Finance – July 6 – 8, 2021 – discounted passes

ITFA is delighted to be partnering with ICC Mexico for the upcoming event ‘The Digital Future of Trade and Supply Chain Finance‘, being held virtually on July 6 – 8, 2021.
Trade finance is the predominant tool for the financing of domestic and international goods and services around the world.

Transactions of this nature also benefit widely from both open account and documentary trade finance, including: factoring, trade finance, payables and supply chain finance. Despite continued trade growth over the past decade, financing trade has been stifled by paper documentation. Digitalization of trade has always been at the front of mind for the community, but there’s now doubt that the COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated this transformation. It’s an imperative for financial and commercial participants to rapidly adapt to the new digital reality or risk being left behind.

Rapid digitalization, however, comes with many challenges. Not least among them are regulatory frameworks, the creation of global standards, connectivity, fraud prevention, and access to technological development.

In this webinar on ‘The Digital Future of Trade Finance and Supply Chain”, we will be joined by global experts from the International Chamber of Commerce, the global banking sector, and leading technology firms. The wide-ranging presentations will dive into cutting-edge technological advancements, the challenges that lie ahead, and strategies for navigating into the digital future.

Please click here to view the agenda and speakers online.

ITFA members can benefit from:

This will be available on first comes first serve basis so please send an email to alexiavella@itfa.org to secure your discounted pass.

As always, we do hope that our members make the most of the additional benefits that ITFA is bringing to them through such collaborations.

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