GTR+ SCF supplement

Thank you for joining the ITFA Annual Conference last week in Bristol!

Following the growing request at the event last week, GTR, as proud partner of ITFA, would like you to have access to read the latest GTR + SCF supplement – GTR’s first ever annual supplement dedicated entirely to the increasingly popular financing technique, packed with in-depth reports from the editorial team and a wealth of contributed content from partner institutions.

In this publication, GTR delves deeper into the increased demand for SCF, taking a look at measures implemented by public and private financial institutions together with large corporate buyers and their suppliers to shore up access to funding, as well as the recent push to address deep-tier financing.

It also examines the actions companies have taken to overcome Covid-related challenges and boost their supply chain resilience. These include efforts to shift and diversify sourcing and manufacturing locations to reduce concentration risk – the practicalities of which are often complex and costly.

Enjoy the reading!

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