Free Invitation to the ICISA Trade Credit Insurance (TCI) Week

ITFA is pleased to let you know that our longstanding partner association, ICISA invites all our members to take part in their upcoming Trade Credit Insurance (TCI) Week.

The TCI Week is intended to open the sector to the outside world as well as address some of the key discussions ongoing in the industry. It is entirely online, and all sessions are one-hour long and feature experts from across the industry and the regulatory world in webinars or panel discussions. Registration is free and can be done on the ICISA website where you can also find the full programme.

There will be sessions on a range of topics including why financial institutions use credit insurance, how the changing trade environment impacts the sector, the evolving sanctions picture, attracting and retaining new talent in the sector, among others, as well as a keynote address from Chair of EIOPA, Petra Hielkema on the industry response to ESG requirements.

We thank ICISA for this great opportunity for our members to get a further insight into the Insurance market and the opportunities related to it.

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