ADGM – ITFA Partnership: an overview of ADGM’s FinTech agenda

Building on ITFA’s recent partnership with Abu Dhabi Global Market (ADGM), we are delighted to invite you to a briefing session on ADGM’s FinTech agenda including a presentation of ADGM’s Digital Lab and SME Platform.

Moderated by Achille d’Antoni, founding member of TERA task force, the session will feature the following speakers:

  1. Overview of the ITFA Fintech Committee and Fintech Initiatives by André Casterman, ITFA Fintech Committee and Naura Hussain, ITFA Middle East Committee
  2. ADGM Digital Lab by Gaby Inzirillo, Head of Market Development, ADGM
  3. ADGM SME Platform by Brian Yeoh, Head, Data and Technology Governance, ADGM
  4. Q&A with Sean Edwards, Chair, ITFA
  5. The ADGM-ITFA partnership will benefit from ITFA’s own Fintech initiatives which share a common objective to increase MSME financing. Both technology-centric initiatives address two strategic market-level ambitions: digitising negotiable instruments in the corporate-to-bank space (DNI Initiative), and attracting institutional investors to the trade distribution space (TFD Initiative).
  7. Naura Hussain, UBL and Chair of ITFA Middle East Regional Committee says: “This partnership is a perfect combination of global influence and expertise with local ambition and policy making. The ITFA Middle East committee is keen to support the regional community in those market developments.”
  9. The session will take place on Monday 17 May at 10am London / 11am CEST / 1pm Abu Dhabi. ITFA members are requested to sign up to this session via email to In the meantime, we invite you to consult our recent article entitled “ITFA and ADGM partner to boost the impact of #tradetech”.

We do hope many of you will join us!

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